This guide is for my mod, The Sable Dragon, made for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

The guide was created mainly so that players can ensure they have found and finished everything in the mod, or for reference when help is needed with a quest. Reading this before you start playing the mod will surely ruin some of the adventure, so use it more as a reference if you get stuck or are unsure if you have finished all of the quests.

Everything here is a spoiler, so read at your own risk.

Quest Givers

Quests listed in order of difficulty.

Main Quests:

  • Dazi, she only appears downstairs during the day
  • Decem Othoren
  • Thantil
  • Naden Therayn
  • Curious Scroll in the cellar, begin by reading it
  • Isadora Foxtail
  • Relas Adonhurst
  • Deimos
  • Europa, you'll find her during Deimos' quest
  • Addarnat Urshan, he appears at the Inn after you complete Deimos' quest
  • Puce Dolothil, you must be at least level 4 to start the quest
  • Armand Leohart, he appears at the Inn after you complete Thantil's quest
  • Callisto, you must be at least level 6 to start the quest

Mini Quests:

  • Nacht, only appears downstairs at night
  • Zibnib
  • Discarded Letter, follow the clue
  • Mimas
  • Despina, her quest references an Easter Egg from the original game.
  • Follows-the-Moon, her quest also references an Easter Egg from the original game.
  • Kartwog gro-Bog, available only to Orcs

Minor Spoilers

General help with the quests.

  • Dazi's umbrella is not where she thinks it is, but someone at the Chapel will tell you where it went if they trust you enough.
  • The Discarded Letter is hinting at Dren Plantation, which is in the middle of the Ascadian Isles region. Look for a house north west of the Plantation.
  • Thantil's malachite is under a pillow in the 'Room for Rent'
  • The Fire Agate is outside on a bench beside a tent. You can take it freely.
  • To get under the bed in the Saturnalia Hideout, search the nearby containers for a Rat Tail.
  • The Three Creatures that Addarnat asks you to kill can be hunted in any order, but the book lists them in order of difficulty.
  • Four people in Gnaar Mok will know about the Owl Bear, but Anglalos will give you the best directions.
  • As Algernon's journal states, many items in his collection have traps on them. Interact at your own risk.
  • The key to the tunnels below Korsuss is in a bowl within one of the jail cells.
  • Puce will have a much better reward for you if you don't read Vincent's Letter.
  • Raising Ganymede's disposition is not recommended. She will likely kill you.
  • To open the gate in Arkngthanos, look behind the crate for a switch. There is a similar switch on the other side of the gate, on the far side of the spinning Dwemer machine.
  • The mine that Armand hints at is the Band Egg Mine. Located due west of Caldera, halfway to Gnaar Mok.
  • There is a secret passage in Domino Cave. The mysteriously clean pool you find there can be used to restore the Dirt Encrusted Ring.
  • The key to open the locked house in Seputus is hanging beside the door in the flooded house.
  • Be sure to grab the Seputus Amulet from the ash pit after killing the Lich. You'll need to show it to Armand.
  • Heed the warning to leave the Demon Opal alone. It can easily kill you.

Major Spoilers

Answers to some of the more elusive questions.

  • To fully finish the "Where's Codo?" quest, you'll need to find his belt and him. His belt is in the pile of clutter, swim through the water of the mine to find Codo.
  • Zibnib is looking for his marbles. You will eventually find them in Algernon's Manor via the Magic Lamp. To get the best reward from Zibnib, do not give him the marbles when you show them to him. If you can't find Zibnib sometimes, check the nearby barrel.
  • Walk through the Holder tapestry in Algernon's cave to find a hidden room. You'll need some blood to activate the skull. You can get blood from an NPC at the Inn, but he only appears in the middle of the night.
  • Boognish is located in Vivec, Telvanni Underworks. Look for the Forgotten Room.
  • Talk to Boognish after he's been returned to receive Sload Tea. Someone at the Inn will be interested in the tea.
  • Despina wants Meteor Slime. Which can be found at Jobasha's Bookstore in Vivec.
  • Scourge can be found at The Lizard's Head in Vivec, Telvanni Canton.
  • Majere's Locked Chest can be opened. Sleep in the bed in the Dreamer Hideout to find a key, don't give the key to Majere until after you've used it to open the chest.
  • Showing Asharot the Lemarchand Box that you can find in the Floating Pundaab will initate dialog with him.

Hidden Items

Some of these are random, some have to do with mini quests.

  • The Soggy Key found in Domino Cave can open a secret stash in the chimney of the Inn.
  • There is a unique sword and a powerful ring hidden in Dagger's Cottage. Look high, look low.
  • The key to the Inn's Ornate Door is under a basket in the second cellar.
  • The key to the Inn's second cellar is in the pile of clutter with Codo's belt.
  • You'll need a special piece of Stalhrim to remove the sword from the stone. You'll find it in Arkngthanos.
  • There's a Hidden Chamber in Korsuss, high above the Floating Pundaab.
  • One of the dead ends in Korsuss hides a powerful belt.
  • The Lover's Lost Hearts: One is in the Hidden Chamber in Korsuss. The other is under the statue of Sotha Sil in Algernon's Cave. Returning both of them to the Lost Lovers in Algernon's Manor will permanently boost your Luck.
  • The other glove Asharot might mention is in Korsuss, Crumbling Depths. Resting on a high mushroom ledge.
  • Most of the Chaos Wing armor is among Algernon's collection, but one Gauntlet is beside the crates in the Manor and one Pauldron is on top of the bed's canopy. Chaddernook will eventually give you the cuirass. Zibnib has the helmet.
  • There is a weapon hidden in the same room you find Boognish.
  • Fallineor's Riddle suggests you look for a Strange shipwreck north east of Sadrith Mora.


All details on the mod itself can be found at the download page, and in the ReadMe enclosed with the mod package.

If you have any questions or comments, I can be contacted under the name of 'Pluto' at the Official Bethesda Forums or at GHF.

  • *Special thanks to Fliggerty and the helpful people at the Bethesda Forums*